We specialize in vehicle technology with software automation system integration and services. Our products are available for sale for commercial, industrial, enterprise and university research uses. 

If you would like information about how Sheyene Technology can help your agency, or would like to learn more about our direct procurement product lines for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), contact us.


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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, our products are available for commercial, industrial, enterprise and university research applications. Sheyene Technology is wholly owned by Sheyene Gerardi Family Office.

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What's new

US Department of Energy SCALEUP 2023 teaming partners

Seeding Critical Advances for Leading Energy technologies with Untapped Potential 2023 (SCALEUP 2023). Organization: Sheyene Institute, Investigator name: Sheyene Gerardi, Organization type: Small Business, Area of expertise: Transportation, State: NY 

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Velodyne LiDar USA & Sheyene Technology

We have been working in the development of a customized micro-LiDAR array with software automation system integration needed for robotic dogs to improve mining operations using autonomous robots. Secondary application of all-in-one micro- LiDAR will be used by Sheyene Institute to carry out research and development in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and for deployment on in situ planetary and lunar missions.

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Town of Palm Beach awards Sheyene Technology 

Sheyene Technology is trusted government supplier to U.S Government, including the NNSA`s Sandia National Laboratories. We are excited to announce our firm has been awarded by US local agencies in more than 35 states in 2023.

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US Department of Energy Connected and autonomous Vehicles partner teams

New Program in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV). Field Testing:

Organization: Sheyene Institute, Investigator name: Sheyene Gerardi, Organization type: Small Business, Area of expertise: Transportation, State: FL  

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Nobel Prize Summit 

"The solutions to the world's biggest challenges are at the junction across science, government, enterprise, individuals and economics." Sheyene Gerardi

Sheyene Gerardi at the first Nobel Prize Summit Our Planet, Our future.

World Economic Forum

“The pandemic has disrupted the way we live and work. It is our shared responsibility to make sure this digital transformation is inclusive and no one is left behind.” Sheyene Gerardi.- 

Global Technology Governance Summit

Global City Innovation Accelerator

"Great mix of academics at the Global City Innovation Accelerator forum. It's always a pleasure and honor to be surrounded by such innovative thinkers & leaders from around the world as we look at the role of technology and innovation in the pandemic and in energizing economic recovery! The future is bright." Sheyene Gerardi

Thanks to the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University.

Robots in space - Science fiction? 


She arrives looking as glossy as one might anticipate, in black and long blond hair neatly coiffed. She is slim, certainly, but not neurotically so. Instead, her body looks as healthy as her beautiful and animated face. In addition, Sheyene herself has a fascinating and inspiring background and commitment to benefit others. Her voice is soft, but she herself is straightforward, unpretentious and candid to an almost disarming degree. She is not lovely looking, but simply lovely, full stop.  

The former actress and robotics founder candidly shares the challenges she'd faced in her life and expounds upon her plans to take her robotic workforce to space.

News 2021

Q&A with Sheyene Gerardi

Q: What the world needs now is...

A: We have extensive scientific evidence that we’ve entered the Anthropocene. Today, if we look at climate science, biodiversity research, air pollution, or health related risks like pandemics, we have ample evidence that we are approaching potential irreversible changes in the life support systems on earth, and even in the stability of the entire planet.

I believe that this is a moment to step up and work together, all people, whether we are scientists or not, experts, stakeholders, policymakers, civil society, business leaders, not only in observing and monitoring the pathways towards a sustainable future, but also using that information to shift to a new paradigm to find the solutions is really paramount.

March 2021