We specialize in vehicle technology with software automation system integration and services for organizations across public sector, large enterprise corporations, government agencies and military forces. Whether it’s oil, gas, demolition, mining, rail, Sheyene Technology offers the best R&D of autonomous navigation technologies for connected vehicles, robotic automation system integration to create specialty solutions for various applications. 

As our company continues to grow, we have expanded production into other areas and we now serve customers worldwide, including the US, the Asia-Pacific, and some European countries. Through our personal experiences in product development and high-tech manufacturing we have the ability to provide exceptional service, including price, dependability, uniqueness, timely delivery, customization and more. As a preferred partner to our government clients, Sheyene Technology works closely with its clients to identify solutions, reduce overall costs while increasing their logistics scope with advanced technologies. 

Sheyene Technology Products FAQs…


Sheyene Gerardi is the CEO in the company; in 2017, during her role at NASA, Sheyene established a robotic company spun out of the Sheyene Institute to commercialize a robotics product line for commercial uses. In 2022, our firm obtained the SBA Women-Owned Business certification used by U.S. federal agencies for federal contract. Sheyene Technology is trusted government supplier.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, our products are available for commercial, industrial, enterprise and university research applications. Sheyene Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sheyene Gerardi Family Office.

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Sheyene Technology and its products are wholly own by Sheyene´s Family Office and we do not accept outside investments. However, we have a robotics product line available for sale for commercial, industrial, enterprise and university research uses. If you would like more information about how Sheyene Technology can help your agency, or would like to place an order, contact our sales department.


Our products come ready to operate, right out of the box. In some cases, such as basic remote inspection tasks, the controller will be all you need to add value to your business. To access additional capabilities and add features, develop on the robot’s phone App to create your own applications for tele-operation, integrate payloads, and design full autonomy systems, please contact our team.


Our robots are available for sale via our shop page up to two robots. For larger orders, our sales team would like to speak with you to better explore how our robots can help you. You must pay in full in U.S. Dollars prior to its shipment. After placing your order, your robot(s) will be reserved and our order fulfillment team will be in contact with you via email to finalize details. The robots will be delivered within one to four weeks after a full payment has been received. 

We offer academic discount for accredited educational institutions. Sheyene Gerardi Foundation has financing programs to support education in partner institutions globally. Contact us for the eligibility criteria for each program and access relevant documents to prepare applications. 


Our robots are designed for use in industrial or commercial applications, including largely autonomous unmanned operations with occasional interaction with trained professional users wearing personal protective equipment. We do not recommend using them outside of the intended environmental conditions and noted parameters. Because hazards are application-dependent, users should conduct their own hazard and risk assessment before deploying the robots. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that bystanders are trained in safe behavior around the robots, and that the operation of the robot does not put anyone at risk. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with these requirements. We recommend that you assess the risks of your specific application before purchasing.


Are you a local government, entrepreneur, business owner or retailer interested in offering our products to your customers? We'd love to have you as a Partner! 

We have designed a partnership program to work and grow with you, based on your needs and capabilities. Our partnership program offers 20-60% discount, support, and resources, and is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements. Please contact us to learn more about reselling or partnering opportunities. 

Fraud AlertPlease exercise extreme caution if you receive emails that are not from a verifiable @sheyene.tech email address. We urge you not to engage or respond to an individual or individuals misrepresenting themselves as Sheyene’s co-workers, friends or agents. Do not engage with these people or send them money. To be clear, no one is representing Sheyene Gerardi. Any and all related partnerships, meetings and scheduling requests for Sheyene Gerardi must be directed to contact@sheyene.tech